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The Academy's Day 1 Performers


  • Communicate effectively
    Day 1 Performers can identify appropriate channels to communicate various types of information based on its content and target audience.
  • Identify stakeholders
    Day 1 Performers can short-list key stakeholders (both internally and externally) vital to the success of their job role.
  • Co-ordinate collaboration
    Day 1 Performers can negotiate with identified stakeholders and choose an appropriate means to gather feedback to understand the company.
  • Perform gap analysis
    Day 1 Performers can assess the current high-level state of a company, identify process inefficiencies, formally propose solutions and give constructive feedback on reaching the target state.
  • Use common technologies
    Can adapt to popular and uncommon technologies vital to the success of their job role.

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Quick Q&A's

Questions & Answers

How to enrol in the Cyber Academy?

To enrol, a potential student must visit the Academy's main website at CyberAcademyCaribbean.com, and identify a course of interest.

After identifying a course, schedule a consultation using the online calendar on the website.

How do I attend classes?

All classes are live, virtual and can be joined from anywhere in the world over the internet.

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